Rates For Our boarding and daycare!

Our boarding prices are per dog per day including the pick up and drop off day.  Our daycare is per day your dog comes to play!  

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Boarding Rates

Our basic boarding package is $45 per dog per day and it includes multiple let outs in our kennel runs, feeding and lots of attention, and two 15 minute walks per day.

Our next step up is $50 per dog per day and has everything the basic package has to offer plus one 30-45 minute exercise session per day which will include either a long walk in our beautiful fields or an interactive play session in our play yard.

Our final option is $60 per dog per day and has the basic amenities plus two exercise sessions of 30-45 mins OR participation in our daycare program behavior permitting.  Dogs that are signed up for this package are subject to a trial run to make sure they are a good safe fit for our daycare, if they are not staff will opt or the individual play sessions.

ADD On Options!

Pupcorn & A Movie $20

Get your pup some extra snuggle time with a snack and a movie!  Pups can get snuggled up in some cozy Pjs and enjoy doggie pupcorn as we watch a pet themed video on comfy chairs and cushions!

FaceTime Video $5

Schedule a Video call with your pooch to check in on their stay and see their beautiful faces!

Day Trains $30

Need some basic manners or some cute tricks?  Do you need some help working on specific issue or behavior?  We can help!  Sign your pup up for a day train or multiple and we can help work on those goals!

Nature Hike $8

Enhance your pet's stay with a nature hike!  We will give your pup an additional chance to stretch their legs and explore the outdoors.  With this 20 minute walk we will let your dog have some enrichment with smelling all the smells and exploring the great outdoors!

Bedtime Story $5

Let your fur baby be tucked in with some snuggles and a story as they settle into their beds!  Pet themed stories will be used to sooth your pup into a relaxing nights sleep!

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Daycare rates

Our daycare is $25 per day to be paid upon arrival for their play day!  We also offer pre-pay packages designed to save you a few dollars.  The package options are:

5 day pass for $120 

10 day pass for $220

15 day pass for $300

20 day pass for $360