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German Shepherd

Pet Boarding

Your pet is a part of your family, and when you aren’t able to be with them, you want to be sure the people you are entrusting them to have the same high standard of care.

Our mission is to provide an affordable and comfortable retreat for your pet while we are providing peace of mind for you.

Goldendoodle getting groomed


Need a bath or some grooming? Let us take care of your pet’s every need, whether that’s a new hairdo, ear cleaning, nail clipping, or a good old brush-out session.

The final price of your pet’s grooming services will depend upon breed type, length of visit, approximate weight, and behavior during the process.

Orange Tabby Cat

Kitty Corner

Secure in their own area, kitties are treated to classical music in a relaxed home environment. Individual kitty condos provide privacy. Water and litter are changed daily.

For the more adventurous kitty, daily “outings” in this cat friendly, totally secure room -- measuring 18' x 50', is theirs for their enjoyment. Couch, recliner, windows and sun-lit patio doors provide places to lounge and things to do… like watching birds from the windows.

Plenty of toys and scratching posts also provide entertainment; and with one meow, counselors can easily be cajoled into rolling jingle-bell balls or dangling feather toys for your feline’s enjoyment.

Pet Boarding



Each and every time your pet visits you must present your veterinary
proof of inoculations for:

  • Rabies

  • Distemper (DHLP)

  • Bordetella (Canine Cough)


We suggest that you leave your pet(s) in the car and first bring in your
inoculation records, bedding, toys and food.


After signing in, you should walk your dog in our upper field so that you both get acquainted with our surroundings. Meanwhile our professional staff will set up your pet’s suite with bedding, water and toys. This will make the area even more appealing to your pet when they enter. Cats should be in a carry-in traveling case and be brought in directly.


Please be prepared to say a quick goodbye so your pet will remain calm as you leave. Remember, it is easier for your pet this way, even though we know it is harder for you.


We encourage you to call or check our social media for pictures of your pet. Hearing a word from home will make your vacation even more enjoyable, and if there is anything you forgot to mention it would give you a chance to do so.  Please remember to give us your phone number so that we can also reach you.

Boarding Details


We strive to minimize stress on pets during their “away from home” vacation. Often sudden changes in diet will cause gastric distress. In order to minimize cases of unnecessary diarrhea we ask that you pack your pet’s dry food and cookie treats in individual ziplock bags per meal. You should also bring any canned food that you have been serving at home.


Dishing out individual meals and being sure that each meal goes to the right pet takes time and care. We feel that your pet is worth it! There is never any extra charge for handling individual meal plans or for refrigeration of extras to add to a meal. When each pet receives his or her own food, they recognize it and are more likely to eat it.


By working with your portion sizes you know that accuracy in measurement is maintained, and we know whether your pet is eating the amount expected. Before we requested pre-measured portion bags, we often heard, “Oh, just fill the bowl…” or “just a scoop or two.”  This left us guessing as to what size the bowl at home was and just how big the scoop was! When you portion your pet's food we can monitor whether your pet is eating the amount you expect. By maintaining portions, brand names and the time a meal is served we have experienced healthier, happier pets.


Should a gastric upset occur, we follow veterinary recommended procedures of withholding food for 24 hours.  This allows the stomach and intestine to relax. We then feed a bland diet of rice and slowly integrate your food back into the meals over a period of time until your pet is regular again. We maintain all of your pet’s history and your preferences in our database so that we are able to look back into these records at any time.


Cleaning is an important part of our daily kennel routine. Hospital grade disinfectants, Roccal and Nolvasan-S, are used throughout our kennel. Every day each area is meticulously scrubbed for good health and hygiene purposes while our campers are in their outdoor play areas.


Bedding is laundered daily if soiled and returned to your pet. Fresh clean water is placed in each sleeping suite before your pet is bought back in. Cookie treats are often found on beds when your pet returns. This adds interest and excitement to any day, so don’t forget to pack a few!

Recreation/Play time

Recreation is a very important part of our day. It keeps your pet from being bored, and is a positive outlet for extra energy.


In our daily runs pets can carry a toy, and... on rainy days they get to play inside. 

Water sports are available in the summer time!


Extra playtime can be arranged when you book in, where your pet can run and chase toys off leash in our huge 125' x 125' secure play arena with one of our many counselors.  Wouldn't that be fun?!? Just ask and we'll arrange it for $8 per off leash play session.

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